Potato fertiliser application

Correct timing and placement of fertiliser applications to potatoes is important to achieve the highest level of nutrient use efficiency, which also minimises any environmental impact whilst maximising crop productivity.

Yield loss as a result of poor fertiliser spreading

Nutrients need to be applied as accurately as possible to the zone of uptake, before or at the time that the crop needs them. Failure to ensure that each plant gets the right balance of nutrients can spoil crop quality and reduce yield.

Pre-planting fertilisers are either broadcast or banded. Generally, banded fertilisers give the best results.

When broadcasting fertiliser it is essential to ensure that it is evenly distributed. Small variations in distribution of plus or minus 10% will result in yield losses of up to 1.3t/ac. 

Nutrients need to be accurately timed to coincide with critical growth stages; for example calcium at tuber initiation. Because different varieties initiate tubers at different times, it is important to visually check when the first tubers are being formed in order to ensure maximum nutrient efficiency.

Recommended Yara fertilisers for potatoes

How to make better informed nutrient decisions

Our collection of tools help you to make better nutrient decisions in making the right fertiliser choice and applying the right amount of nutrients at the right time and in the right place so that the crop yield and quality can be maximised whilst still keeping costs in check, avoiding over-fertilisation and protecting the environment.