YaraMila COMPLEX (12-11-18 + 20% SO3) is a high quality, prilled NPK fertiliser which also contains magnesium and sulphur as well as micronutrients.

Manufactured using a unique nitrophosphate production process, 100% SOP based and chlorine free, rapid nutrient release, excellent handling characteristics and dust free.

Pack Size
600kg or 25kg bags.

Available in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Product and safety information

Product application advice


Celery: 375 to 625 kg/ha as a base dressing

Chinese Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage: 875 to 1250 kg/ha as a base dressing


Cucumber (field grown): 375 to 625 kg/ha as a base dressing.


Fertilizer Spreading Advice: When spreading fertilizers containing sulphur it is recommended to regularly clean the spreader vanes using a rag with a 'WD40' type lubricant to avoid a build-up of deposits.


Conifers: 250-400 kg/ha 1-3 year old trees, 400-600 kg/ha 4 year old onwards, applied as a spring dressing


Leek: 875 kg/ha as a base dressing


Pears: New crops 300 kg/ha at planting. Established crops 400 to 800 kg/ha at bud burst.

Amenity Turf

Turf: Apply at 3-4 week intervals from April to October at 25-35 g/m² (250-350 kg/ha) For best results it is recommended to irrigate after application.

Where can I buy Yara fertilisers ?

Where can I buy Yara fertilisers ?

Yara supply our solid and liquid fertilisers and micronutrients through a network of local suppliers  Use our interactive map to locate your nearest suppliers.

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