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Increasing marketable potato yield with biostimulant

Biostimulant products trigger natural plant processes that enhance nutrient use efficiency. Improved plant growth and abiotic stress tolerance help the plants to remain vigorous in hostile growing conditions so the farmer can generate better yield and quality.

YaraVita BIOTRAC is a biostimulant that, when applied to crops in combination with mineral nutrients, triggers the processes that enhance nutrient uptake and efficiency, improve plant growth, boost tolerance to abiotic stress and increase yield beyond the effects of mineral nutrients. Their role in alleviating abiotic stress is seen as crucial in protecting crops from the full effects of drought and extreme temperatures.

Ghent University, Belgium, evaluated the effect of two different application rates of YaraVita Biotrac on the yield and quality of potatoes grown under field conditions in 2018. The applications were applied 50 days and 82 days post-planting and the harvest data was then compared to the untreated control.

YaraVita BIOTRAC increased the premium marketable grade (>50mm) by 8.5% and 11.8% for the 1 L/ha and 2 L/ha treatments respectively, compared to the untreated control. These results give us confidence that YaraVita BIOTRAC has an important role in growing premium quality potato crops profitably.

See the potato biostimulant trial results

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