YaraBela nitrogen plus sulphur fertiliser

Nitrate based fertilisers are the most efficient form of nitrogen

YaraBela nitrate based fertilisers, are pure nutrients, offering the required precision efficiency and reliability to meet the agronomic and environmental imperatives of modern agriculture. Nitrate nitrogen has been proven to be the best form of nitrogen for UK farming conditions. 


YaraBela granules are stronger so will not shatter when spread


YaraBela fertilisers will all easily spread to 36m and beyond


YaraBela granules are heavier so perform better even in windier conditions

All YaraBela fertilisers are granular compounds

  • Because all YaraBela fertilisers are granules they will all easily spread upto 36m and beyond.
  • Because YaraBela granules are stronger they will not shatter when you spread them giving you a cloud of dust.
  • Because YaraBela granules are heavier they will perform better under windier conditions, giving a more even application.
  • Remember if it doesn't say Yara on the bag it won't be Yara quality fertiliser in the bag.  Yara don't sell fertiliser in anyone else's bags.

Why choose a nitrate fertiliser rather than urea?

YaraBela - nitrate and sulphate fertilisers
YaraBela - nitrate and sulphate fertilisers

Agronomic efficiency

  • Immediately available nitrogen - Nitrogen present as nitrate and ammonium, immediately available for plant uptake
  • Highly soluble sulphur - Where included sulphur is present as calcium sulphate which is highly soluble so reaches plant roots quickly
  • Higher yield than urea - At identical nitrogen application rates, nitrates achieve offers 2 – 5% higher yield than urea based fertilisers
  • Enhanced protein - Nitrate fertilisers enhance protein content by 0.3 – 0.9% compared to urea based fertilisers

Environmental benefits

  • Low volatilisation losses - Volatilisation losses from ammonium nitrate fertilisers are 1 – 3%, compared with up to 27% from urea
  • Reduced leaching - High nitrogen efficiency, fast uptake and lower dosage giving better control over residual nitrogen
  • Low carbon footprint - The life cycle carbon footprint of YaraBela nitrate fertilisers is 12.5 % lower than for urea based fertilisers
  • Low environmental index - The overall environmental index of YaraBela is 46.6 % lower than for urea fertilisers