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Spreading nitrogen and sulphur at the same time means more grass

Applying fertilisers containing nitrogen and sulphur means the grass uses nitrogen more effectively, you get more kgs of dry matter per kg of nitrogen that you apply

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These are the major grades of solid fertilisers that are available in Northern Ireland supplied from the Yara depot in Belfast. Other fertiliser grades may also be available so please check with your local sales contact or customer service team.

Alternatively, use these links to check products and grades available in other regions or try using our fertiliser selector tool




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Solid fertilisers

Nitrogen and sulphur grades

Fertiliser Grade % N % SO3  
YaraVera AMIPLUS 46   + NBPT
YaraVera AMIDAS 40 14  
Yara SUPER START 34   + 8% Ca
YaraBela AXAN 27 9  
YaraBela CAN 27    
YaraBela NUTRI BOOSTER 25 5 + Na and Se
YaraBela SULPHAN 24 15  

Calcium nitrate grades

Fertiliser Grade % N % CaO  
YaraLiva TROPICOTE 15.5 26.3  
YaraLiva NITRABOR 15.4 25.9 + 0.3% Boron

CCF compound fertiliser grades

Fertiliser Grade % N % P2O5 % K2O %SO3  
YaraMila GREEN SWARD 27 6 6    
YaraMila EXTRAGRASS 27 5 5 6  
YaraMila SULPHUR SWARD 27 4 4 10  
YaraMila ZERO P SWARD 26   6 10  
YaraMila ZERO P CUT 24   13 5  
YaraMila SUPER BOOSTER 25 5 5 5 + Na and Se
YaraMila SILAGE CUT 24 6 12    
YaraMila SULPHUR CUT 22 4 14 7.5  
YaraMila SILAGE BOOSTER 20 5 15 7.5 + Na and Se
YaraMila 52 REGULAR 20 10 10    
YaraMila NEW 18'S + S 18 14 13 6.3  
YaraMila ACTYVA S 16 15 15 6.5  
YaraMila COMPLEX 12 11 18 20  
YaraMila MULTI-CROP 10 24 24 5  

Other solid fertiliser grades

Fertiliser Grade % N % P2O5 % K2O %SO3 %Ca
Yara GRANULAR UREA 46        
Yara SUPER START 34       8
Yara SUPER SWARD 24 5 5    
Yara ZERO P SULPHA 24 0 6 8  
Yara ZERO P SULPHA CUT 22 0 11 7  
Yara MAINCROP S 14 13 21 5.6  
Yara SUPER PK   20 30 3.8  


Download Northern Ireland product range PDF

Foliar Fertilisers

YaraVita single element micronutrients

Product N P K S Mg Ca B Cu Fe Mo Mn Zn
YaraVita BORTRAC 150                      
YaraVita COPTREL 500                      
YaraVita FERLEAF 100                      
YaraVita FOLIAR POTASH                    
YaraVita MAGFLO 300                      
YaraVita MANTRAC PRO                      
YaraVita MOLYTRAC 250                      
YaraVita SAFE-N 300                      
YaraVita STOPIT                      
YaraVita ZINTRAC 700                      


YaraVita multi element micronutrients

Product N P K S Mg Ca B Cu Fe Mo Mn Si Zn
YaraVita BRASSITREL PRO              
YaraVita BUD BUILDER FL                
YaraVita GRAMITREL                  
YaraVita MAGPHOS K                    
YaraVita CROP BOOST                  
YaraVita MANCOZIN                    
YaraVita PHOTREL PRO                
YaraVita SENIPHOS                    


YaraVita biostimulants

Product N P K S Mg Ca B Cu Fe Mo Mn Si Zn
YaraVita BIOTRAC                    
YaraVita BIONUE                      

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Improve your farm's nitrogen fertiliser efficiency

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Where can I buy Yara fertilisers ?

Where can I buy Yara fertilisers ?

Yara supply our solid and liquid fertilisers and micronutrients through a network of local suppliers  Use our interactive map to locate your nearest suppliers.

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