YaraMila EXTRAGRASS (27-5-5 + 6% SO3) is a quality granular compound fertiliser with sulphur is ideal for most grazing situations getting the grass to off to a good start early in the season.

With NPK and Sulphur in each granule the grass crop is assured the best start possible for every blade.

YaraMila EXTRAGRASS is a homogeneous, uniform sized, granular compound fertiliser so all the nutrients are contained in every granule which eliminates any segregation and allows even application and distribution of each nutrient across the whole bout width.

Available in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Where can I buy Yara fertilisers ?

Where can I buy Yara fertilisers ?

Yara supply our solid and liquid fertilisers and micronutrients through a network of local suppliers  Use our interactive map to locate your nearest suppliers.

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Fertiliser spreading advice

Fertiliser spreading advice

Increasing your crop yield and quality doesn’t have to be hard. Getting your spreader settings right might be your best spent few minutes in crop management.

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