Wheat categorisation

Wheat varieties can be categorised either by type based on varietal genetics or by classification which is based on varietal properties.

Wheat types

Two genetically different types of wheat crop have developed over the years and dominate the area of production:

  • Common Wheat (Triticum aestivum ) is the most widely grown of wheat’s, also known as bread wheat. It generally has a high protein and gluten content with the endosperm being either hard or soft in texture.
  • Durum Wheat (Triticum turgidum) or pasta wheat is known for its hardness, high protein, intense yellow colour, nutty flavour and excellent cooking qualities. Between 25 and 30 million tonnes are produced each year which represent 4% of global wheat production.

Wheat classifications

Wheat can be classified into a number of groups according to varietal characteristics as follows:

Wheat classification

Recommended Yara fertilisers for wheat

Wheat agronomy and fertiliser advice
Wheat agronomy and fertiliser advice

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