Phosphorus deficiency made worse by

  • Acidic or very alkaline (calcareaus) soils
  • Low organic matter
  • Cold or wet conditions
  • Crops with a poorly developed root system
  • Soils with low P reserves
  • Soils with a high phosphate capacity
  • Iron rich soils

Phosphorus is important for

  • Better crop establishment
  • Good plant development early in the season
  • More even maturity reducing grain losses at harvest
  • Improves yield
  • Brings forward harvest date

Yara recommended fertilisers for Phosphorus deficiency



Maize: 5 l/ha at the 4 to 8 leaf stage. Water rate: 30 to 200 l/ha. N.B. Do not spray in slow drying conditions. Alternatively: 2 to 5 l/ha at the 4 to 6 leaf stage. Repeat 10 to 14 days later if necessary. Water rate: 30 to 200 l/ha

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