Magnesium deficiency made worse by

  • Sandy soils
  • Acidic soils
  • Potassium rich soils
  • Soils receiving high potash applications
  • Cold wet periods

Magnesium is important for

  • Boosts bulking
  • Increased yield of tubers
  • Improved disease resistance and skin quality
  • Increased tuber dry matter content and starch levels

Yara recommended fertilisers for Magnesium deficiency

YaraVita MAGFLO 300

YaraVita MAGFLO 300

Potatoes: 2-4 l/ha 1 week after 100% emergence and following petiole analysis during tuber bulking. For moderate to severe deficiency, repeat applications at 10-14 day intervals. Water rate: 200 l/ha.

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