What is the role of magnesium in apple production?

Magnesium is a key constituent of the chlorophyll molecule; usually 15-20% of the tree’s Mg total is found in the chloroplast. It is also involved in various biochemical functions including activating enzymes involving phosphorylation, and protein synthesis.

Magnesium effect at growth stages

Stage Magnesium effect
Bud Burst – Start of Flowering Promote strong early growth of new plant tissues and maximum tree productivity
Fruit Set to Fruitlet at 30mm For reduced fruit drop
Post Harvest Replenish reserves and strengthen new buds

Magnesium deficiencies in apples

Interveinal chlorosis and bright yellowing develops first on older leaf margins and tip and spreads back to the main vein. The leaves often have a characteristic herringbone pattern of chlorosis on new year’s growth. Symptoms are normally most obvious later in the season during fruit fill.
In severe instances, leaves curl up, die and drop prematurely, leaving a few tufted leaves at the tip of the branches.

Apple fertiliser and crop nutrition advice
Apple fertiliser and crop nutrition advice

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