AdBlue® for Passenger cars, Vans and Other light-duty vehicles

SCR technology and the need for AdBlue is becoming more and more common for cars and other passenger vehicles. Today you can buy vehicles equipped with an SCR system that uses AdBlue from most well known car manufacturers.

Yara is the world's largest manufacturer of AdBlue. Our AdBlue has reduced dangerous emissions from the so-called heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, coaches and buses since 2004.

For passenger cars, we offer packaged AdBlue in a variety of formats. Together with our Partners – from car makers and workshops to fuel station forecourts – we give drivers across the world access to AdBlue by Yara.

Working with leading retailers we have decided not to reach out directly to the individual consumer. But you can read here about the Yara Passenger Car formats; how to use AdBlue and why AdBlue quality matters. For individual car drivers, please refer to

Nigel Williams
Nigel Williams
AdBlue Retail & Forecourt Sales Manager

AdBlue®: Simple to use!

Simple to use

SCR vehicles are as simple to use as other cars or passenger vehicles. You will see that having to fill AdBlue is as easy as filling the screenwash or checking the level of oil in your car.

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AdBlue – the fastest growing product in your auto chemicals category

To satisfy legislation all diesel cars with SCR must always have AdBlue in the dedicated AdBlue tank – from the first fill at the assembly line, to the refills the driver must administer throughout the cars life. This will represent a significant business opportunity for the value chain stakeholders.

As a Retailer of car parts/accessories, or part of an Aftermarket Care OEM programme, AdBlue offers a significant new customer opportunity. Reassuring drivers that AdBlue is available should they be considering to purchase an SCR vehicle, reminding drivers that they should top up with AdBlue; or, indeed, offering to top up for them.

Re-packaging companies can also benefit from the new market that is developing, and Yara can supply bulk solutions and dispensing equipment for this sector to repack into branded or own brand retail packages.


AdBlue for Passenger cars

For car care / automotive chemicals Retailers, AdBlue will rapidly grow to become a significant – if not the fastest moving – product in the category. Wherever diesel is refuelled – AdBlue will become an essential complementing offer. And reminding drivers that they should top up with AdBlue – or indeed, offer to top it up for them – will become a key upselling activity. The AdBlue pouch by Yara offers a unique, convenient and environmentally friendly solution for both end-users and retailers.

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Auto Chemicals Re-fillers

AdBlue for passenger cars

For the auto chemicals industry AdBlue will become a major product, complementing the portfolio. As the world's largest producer of AdBlue, Yara has extensive experience with all aspects of handling, filling and selling AdBlue in packed formats. And we have supply agreements with leading OEMs and Retailers. We are now actively seeking and selecting Partners to our AdBlue Value Chain Alliance across the world.

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Automotive OEMs

Automotive OEMs

For OEMs – Yara's market leading presence and proven track record in AdBlue will be invaluable. With 5 primary production sites – two of them the world's largest – we have tanks and terminals literally all over the world. Securing all-important proximity – both to the assembly lines and to the aftermarket. AdBlue by Yara is available in appropriate formats for: first fill, after-market service refills and DIY formats for OEM dealerships.

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