AdBlue® distributors for commercial vehicles and non-road mobile machinery

If you want to add AdBlue to the range of products you already offer your customers, do it by choosing the benchmark brand: Yara's Air1!


Air1 UK has established a network of Official Air1 AdBlue Distributors who are also involved in supplying fuel and lubricants to the transport industry. They are located all over the United Kingdom and Ireland and can give you a very local service close to your location. These AdBlue distributors may be supplying you your fuel or lubricants already, so they will be able to distribute AdBlue to your depot.

Supply reliability with Air1

AdBlue is a solution of very pure urea. Yara is a leading producer of urea in the world, producing AdBlue in several plants across Europe, and operating the world’s largest AdBlue plant in Sluiskil in the Netherlands. With Yara as a supplier, you can count on uninterrupted supply reliability, when and where you need it anywhere in the world.

Count on high purity AdBlue with Air1

Our AdBlue is extracted directly from the production of urea in a dedicated quality process, which guarantees purity. This is an extremely important point because not all AdBlue producers use this process which can affect quality. As the SCR catalyst is very sensitive to impurities, it is important for you to rely on a quality product through a supply chain dedicated to AdBlue. Demand the best quality for your customers.

An AdBlue expert at your side

Yara's Air1 brand has been on the market since the very beginning of the AdBlue market in 2005. We were one of the pioneers of this product, along with the OEMs of the vehicles using SCR technology. We know all the secrets and we'll let you take advantage of this unique expertise to get yourself started in this market. It's reassuring when you adopt new products to have an expert by your side.

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