Where can I buy AdBlue®?

Do you need to buy AdBlue for your truck, coach, bus or light-goods vehicle? The first step is to choose a reputable supplier because AdBlue is a high purity urea solution that needs to be produced according to an ISO standard.

This International standard protects your vehicle from possible contamination which could cause thousands of pounds of damage. By using a urea solution of incorrect or low quality, that does not follow these standards you are running the risk of costly repairs.

Air1, Yara’s AdBlue brand, is certified according to ISO 22241 (ISO 22241-1, ISO 22241-2, ISO 22241-3). It is distributed in the UK & Ireland by a network of distributors and resellers that are all over the country. These resellers are dedicated to AdBlue and may also sell fuel. You will also find AdBlue in forecourts on the road. Most of the oil companies have chosen Yara as their AdBlue supplier.

The price of AdBlue will depend on the quantities that you order. In general, the price of AdBlue per litre is around 50% that of the fuel price at the pump, so it is much cheaper.

Air1, Yara’s AdBlue brand is available through a network of authorised Air1 AdBlue distributors. You can buy AdBlue from retail stations or from resellers of fuel and other spare-parts for large goods vehicles. AdBlue can be delivered direct to your depot or garage in bulk from a road tanker to your bulk storage tank, or packaged by our distributors.

Our Air1 distributors provide you with local service. You may find that your existing fuel and lubricant supplier might also be an authorised Air1 AdBlue supplier. Simply ask your current supplier for Air1 AdBlue from Yara.

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