Four steps to successful reseeding

By: Philip Cosgrave

A new reseed can often be the most challenging crop to establish on grassland farms. The main benefits of new swards are improved dry matter (DM) yield, and improved nutrient use efficiency.

Four steps to successful reseeding
Four steps to successful reseeding

The main benefits of a new grass sward are improved dry matter yield, which can be up to 3 tonnes per hectare, and improved nutrient use efficiency.

Benefit of reseeding on net profit

Step 1 : Identify poorly performing paddocks.

Step 2 : assess their content of desirable grasses. If this is less than 60% consider re-seeding. Annual meadow grass and other weed grasses produce lower yields, poorer feed quality and do not respond well to applied nutrients. Yield will be reduced by 1 % for every 1 % in weed ground cover.

Step 3: Take a soil test and act on the results. Before you start, be sure to complete this step. On mineral soils the optimum pH for grass is 6.3. Failing to correct pH will severely impact the success of your reseed. Choose only varieties from the Recommended Grass and Clover Lists (RGCL) and pick those that suit your particular farm.

Step 4: Provide new swards with the correct nutrients at sowing. Failure to do so will hinder the success of the ley. Where clover isn’t included, and the soil P & K index is 2, then use 330 kg/ha YaraMila ACTYVA S (16-15-15 + 6.5% SO3) at establishment. New leys have a greater requirement for phosphate to help with root development, and a lower requirement for nitrogen.

My Top Tips: Weeks 4-6 (post-emergence) apply herbicide to prevent weeds competing for nutrients and space. Graze lightly with youngstock or sheep, as soon as the new plants don’t pull out of the ground, which is usually when grass height is at 6 - 7 cm or at the two leaf stage to promote new shoots, and thus the long term productivity of your new sward.

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