Prevent H₂S and Odours with our YaraNutriox solution

Prevent odours by effective dosing

YaraNutriox is a method to prevent H₂S and odour pollution. This treatment comes together with a complete service including:

  • On site diagnosis to identify the source of the hydrogen sulphide odour problem.
  • Preventive treatment
  • Dose monitoring

The dynamic YaraNutriox dosing model means that you only use the amount of product necessary to eliminate the odour and the risk of employee exposure to toxic gas in your particular sewer network.

Unlike some other solutions and products, YaraNutriox is not dangerous to use and will provide the added benefit of preventing the corrosive effects of hydrogen sulphide.


With H₂S, prevention is better than cure

H₂S can be controlled in many different ways:

Curative treatment of H₂S  Preventive treatment of H₂S 
  • Ferric chloride or ferrous sulphate remove H₂S once it has been formed in the sewer or treatment plant.
  • These products are classified as hazardous and have corrosive effects
  • Their result is limited in time: they only treat already formed hydrogen sulphide and react with the sulphide to form a precipitate or ”sludge”
  • YaraNutriox, a solution developed by Yara based on nitrate salts
  • It is a biological and harmless treatment
  • It offers a continuous action: it prevents the formation of H₂S by treating the problem at its source 

Yara developed and patented YaraNutriox in the 1990s as a treatment of hydrogen sulphide over time. It has since been used in hundreds of communities in Europe and worldwide. YaraNutriox is a solution of nitrate which has a preventive and sustainable action. It will prevent the formation of hydrogen sulphide naturally and directly fight against septicity inside the sewer network at waste water treatment plants (WWTP), and industrial effluent plants.

Katie Oldfield
Katie Oldfield
Sales Manager - Odor and H2S UK and Ireland