Organo-mineral fertilisers suitable for use in regenerative agriculture

The Yara Nature range of organo-mineral fertiliser combines the best features from mineral fertilisers and organic components to allow more effective use of nitrogen fertiliser and other nutrients.

There is a distinct challenge for society to improve its recycling of waste, more specifically food waste, with less than 2% being recycled back to land. Yara have teamed up with Veolia in an initiative to transform this by upcycling the nutrients in food waste to produce a range of  ‘organomineral’ fertilisers.

Unlike conventional fertilisers, every application of an organo-mineral fertiliser is also adding organic matter to the soil. This helps to regenerate soils, building a bigger 'nutrient store' in the soil which increases 'natural fertility' for season-long, soil nutrient supply to build long term yield resilience.  There is also an improvement in soil structure for better crop establishment and an increase in nitrogen use efficiency meaning less nitrogen needs to be applied.

Adding organic matter will also, over time allow a reduced amount of P and K to be applied over the rotation as nutrients held on the organic matter are 300 times more available than those held on the chemical fraction of the soil.

Organomineral fertilisers offer a more sustainable solution through the use of recycled food and green waste compost and so are part of the Circular Economy.  They also have a lower carbon footprint than conventional fertilisers.

Why choose Yara Nature fertilisers

Yara Nature organo-mineral fertiliser
Yara Nature organo-mineral fertiliser

Product features

  • Increases microorganism activity  by 75%
  • Improves nitrogen assimilation by 25%
  • Easily incorporated into the soil by absorbing water and moisture
  • Improves mineralisation of organic matter
  • Improves the humic acid balance 

Environmental benefits

  • Improves microbial activity
  • Ensures a healthy and fertile soil
  • Promotes increased root activity
  • Increases assimilation capacity of plants
  • Reduces nitrate leaching by improving nutrient cycling from harvest residues

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