NATURE 8-3-3

NATURE 8-3-3

NATURE 8-3-3 is an organo-mineral fertiliser suitable for regenerative agriculture with a high content of organic matter and a microbial activator that improves the effectiveness of fertilisers.

This organo-mineral fertiliser has a lower environmental footprint through the recycling of the raw materials with which it is produced: animal proteins, cocoa shells and biowaste compost. Its raw materials have been selected and treated to achieve a nutritional content, organic matter and amino acids that give the following benefits:

Key features
  • Improves microbial activity, ensuring a healthy and fertile soil
  • Promotes root activity and nutrient uptake of plants
  • Increases the activity of microorganisms by 75% and improves nitrogen assimilation by 25%
  • Reduces nitrate leaching by improving nutrient cycling from harvest residues
  • Easily incorporated into the soil by absorbing water and moisture
  • Improves mineralisation of organic matter
  • Contributes to an improved balance of humic acids

8% Total Nitrogen (N)
2% Organic Nitrogen (N)
6% Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N)
3% Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)
3% Potassium oxide (K2O)
45% Organic matter
26.5% Carbon content
C:N ratio = 3.3:1
pH = 7

Only available in England, Wales and Scotland