Catalyst rejuvenation

Catalysts are one of the expensive parts of a power plant’s SCR – DeNOx system and they have a limited lifetime. To reduce maintenance costs and to save the costs for the replacement of catalysts Yara has developed a regeneration process to reverse the aging of catalysts and to restore their activity.

The process can be applied in a mobile regeneration plant operating directly on-site. Therefore, no catalyst transport is necessary at all, thus reducing the downtime of the plant to a minimum. In combination with our sophisticated catalyst management, the operating costs and maintenance expense can be reduced even more.

Benefits Overview

  • Extension of catalyst lifetime
  • Catalyst rejuvenation costs are a mere fraction compared to the cost of a new catalyst
  • No catalyst transport necessary due to mobile regeneration plant
  • Minimal plant downtime
  • Restoration to full catalyst activity possible
  • Applicable to all catalysts types, regardless of supplier and fuel types

Why choose Yara?

The Yara catalyst rejuvenation technology comprises the patents and the proprietary knowledge of Yara for aqueous-based on-site rejuvenation technology.

Yara covers methods of rejuvenating the performance of used SCR catalysts from deactivation mechanisms that have occurred in use, including but not limited to blockage by ash including large popcorn ash, blockage by unburned carbon, blockage by ammonium bisulfate, deactivation by alkali metal and alkaline earth compounds, and deactivation by other metal compounds.

The physical form of the SCR catalysts can be any of the commercially available types such as honeycomb, plate and the like.


If you are interested by the installation or maintenance of SCR / SNCR system:

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