Yara SNCR System for grate fired boilers

A very high number of grate fired boilers in Poland which are used for district heating have to reduce their NOx emissions to comply to new regulations within the next years.

Yara provides a newly designed SNCR systems with a central injection unit specially created to fullfill the needs of the majority of grate fired boilers (OR and WR type) in the range of 5 to 50 MWth combusting coal or biomass.

Why choose Yara SNCR System for grate fired boilers?

Specially for the requirement of the grate fired boilers segment Yara has developed and patented a central injection system that ensures better performance than side mounted injection systems.

  • vertical installation of the system
  • possibility to move the injector lance up and down
  • distributing the reagent centrally inside the boiler
  • optimum distribution in the area of optimum temperature

Yara’s process assessment in the unique combination of Primaries and Central Injector will reduce the CO emissions in addition.

Paul Midgley
Paul Midgley
Business Manager - Industrial Solutions UK & Ireland

Yara Mini-SNCR System

For boilers in the range of 1-10 MWth the Yara Mini-SNCR system is a compact high performance version of the larger SNCR system consisting of three modules:

  • a pump for reduction reagents (PMR)
  • a process unit for mixing and distribution of the reagent and softened water (PU)
  • a control and management module (CMM)

The directly on top of the module mounted pump ensures the distribution of the reagent from the storage tank into the injector. 

Why choose Yara?

Benefit from the experience gained from installing SNCR technology at more than 300 facilities worldwide. Choose Yara’s high performance, safe SNCR systems developed by an expert NOx control team at Yara Environmental Technologies. 

Our team of leading experts has a wide knowledge of client processes in cement plants, waste incinerators, waste-to-energy and biomass plants that need to have NOx control.

Get a tailor-made solution designed to ensure your NOx control processes meet legislation needs with Yara’s SNCR system.  

Based on your needs we offer

  • New, complete systems based on standard or customized modules.
  • Advice and technology to help you optimize, modify or expand your existing SNCR system. 
  • You'll get a 2-year warranty when you buy from Yara.

Preventative maintenance services for Yara Mini-SNCR systems

Yara Mini-SNCR systems are fully automated and built to operate and perform in tough industry environments. Our robust systems operate as specified and with minimal interruption.

To optimize uptime, and prevent normal wear and tear of components disrupting your processes through unexpected shutdowns, we also offer our SNCR customers an agreed Pre-emptive Maintenance Service package.

This comprises

  • Preventive maintenance visits 
  • Replacement of consumables and spare parts 
  • System adjustments and optimization

A Preventive Maintenance Service package gives you the advantages of

  • Prioritized service visits, and priority emergency service 
  • Optimum use of your SNCR system, and maximum uptime 
  • No maintenance service administration, it's all done for you