PADDOCK ROYALE (12-11-18 + Mg + S + Micronutrients) is a prilled compound fertiliser for horse and pony paddocks with balanced nutrients essential for optimum paddock grass growth.

Being a compound fertiliser, the separate nutrients are mixed together into homogeneous prills, all containing the identical balance of nutrients required for paddock grass growth. As all the fertiliser prills have the same shape and content, the product cannot separate out whilst spreading, allowing a uniform distribution of fertiliser.

Many horse owners are concerned about having over rich grass for fear of colic, laminitis or just grass fat ponies and high yields of grass are not required. Containing only 12% nitrogen Paddock Royale gives steady growth avoiding lush grass whilst still applying the other main nutrients - phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and magnesium which are essential for balanced growth.

Magnesium is important for strong healthy bone growth in animals in association with calcium and phosphate metabolism. Sulphur and zinc are also important for the health of skin and hooves.

PADDOCK ROYALE is simple and accurate to apply and is supplied in convenient 25kg bags.

Available in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Product application advice

Grass (grazing)

Grass for grazing: Apply 4 x 25kg bags per acre (250kg/ha) in mid/late March or April followed by a further application in August or September if required. Allow 10 days before grazing or until the prills have dissolved and are no longer visible. Avoid application during hot dry conditions.

Grass (Silage / Hay)

Hay: Apply 8 x 25kg bags per acre (500kg/ha) in mid /late March or April.