YARA MULTI 18-27-0 + B

YARA MULTI 18-27-0 + B

YARA MULTI 18-27-0 + B is a liquid NP fertiliser with added Boron it is ideal for use as a starter solution for autumn or spring establishment of oilseed rape.

The benefit of placing the boron is that it avoids the need for a separate application and ensures the nutrient is always available to the establishing plants.

This fertiliser can however be used in many different situations and crops besides oilseed especially other brassica crops such as turnip and swedes which also have a higher requirement for boron or cereals grown on boron deficient soils.

All Yara liquid compound fertilisers are manufactured to the highest quality standards and all nutrients are 100% water soluble.

Manufactured exclusively with ammonium polyphosphate to enhance the availability of phosphate compared to regular orthophosphate sources.

Over 350 different grades are available for immediate delivery.

Benefit from precise targeting of Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash and Sulphur.

For detailed fertiliser recommendations for your crops please contact your local Yara area manager.

Available in England, Wales and Scotland.