Recycling fertiliser packaging

At Yara, we're committed to continually reducing our environmental footprint. One way to do this is to reduce the amount of fertiliser packaging used and whilst increasing the proportion recycled.

Recycling fertiliser bags

Yara encourages all farmers that purchase our products to dispose of the plastic packaging that results safely and sustainably. The plastic that is used in our packaging can all be recycled via a number of different recycling organisations.

Bags should be emptied to remove as much of the content as possible. Empty bags may then be returned for recycling. In tests, bags emptied in this manner show only traces of residues and are considered non-hazardous. It should also be remembered that empty fertiliser bags or any other packaging, constitutes a fire risk and should not be stored close to fertiliser storage

What can a farmer do to reduce the volume of packaging?

As a farmer, you can reduce the volume of packaging to dispose of by switching from buying fertiliser in small bags to use larger bags instead.  As an example, in Ireland where quad packs have traditionally been used, switching from these to top-lift bags gives a reduction in volume of 30% and removes the need for a wooden pallet too.

Quad-packs vs Top-lift fertiliser bags

Recycling YaraVita packaging

YaraVita packaging is designed with recycling in mind and can all be recycled. Our 1, 5 and 10 litre packs have a “lift and peel” seal that is fully removable to improve recyclability and our 5 and 10 litre packs have a divorced handle for easy rinsing.

Our 1000 litre IBC’s can also be recycled, contact your local Yara area manager for more information.