Achieving Net Zero by 2040
How the industry is helping growers

A Yara technical webinar presented in association with CPM

What will be the impact of increased regulation? Just how much N is lost from the field? What are the carbon credentials of the product you buy?

For this webinar, Tom Allen-Stevens CPM Editor chairs the webinar and is joined by Mark Tucker, Head of Agronomy at Yara and Matt Culley, NFUCombinable Crops Chairman.

Firstly, Matt will provide an update on the NFU campaign, successes to date and priorities for 2021 then Mark will discuss steps manufacturers are taking and how growers can increase nitrogen use efficiency, followed by a recorded question and answer session.

Available as an on-demand recording

The live webinar took place on the 18th February 2021 but don't worry if you missed it as the recording is available below to watch on-demand.

Spring Nutrition Strategy

Spring Nutrition Strategy
In this webinar Natalie Wood, Yara’s Agronomy Operations Manager covers the following topics: Economics – How do they differ now? Excess winter rainfall and using nutrition to combat the impact of winter weather Atfarm.

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