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Pellet durability increase with Bolifor MCP

Diets with high levels of fat and fibre content, such as the ones based on corn distillers dried grains and solubles (ethanol co-products) are notoriously difficult to pellet. The addition of inorganic feed phosphates improves the feed manufacture and pellet quality of these diets.


A recent study by the University of West Virginia investigates the effect of different inorganic feed phosphates on feed manufacture and pellet quality. Poor pellet quality negatively impacts livestock performance. Pellet durability which refers to the resistance of the pellet to withstand transportation and handling without breaking is one of the most important factors to assess in pellet quality because of its notoriously positive impact on feed consumption and animal performance.

Poor pellet quality negatively impacts livestock performance

Pellet durability increased when Yara Bolifor® MCP was included (New Holmen Pellet Tester), in comparison with diets containing mono dicalcium phosphate (MDCP) or defluorinated phosphate (DFP) (88.18 vs. 84.63, 83.02 %, respectively). Manufacturing diets containing Bolifor® MCP maintained similar amperage relative to diets containing DCP or MDCP and did not influence production costs. This study reveals the importance of the inorganic feed phosphate source for pellet manufacturing and pellet quality.

Feed phosphates contribute to maintaining a clean die opening by dislodging residual feed adhering to the inner die thanks to their abrasive properties. This effect will decrease feed manufacture costs but its influence on pellet quality is uncertain.

Bolifor MCP contributes to and increase in pellet quality

The high phosphorus absorbability and phosphorus content in Yara’s Bolifor® MCP contribute to maximising livestock production efficiency and business profitability whilst minimising phosphorus voiding. Besides, the physical characteristics of Bolifor MCP contribute to lengthening the pellet durability, which is probably the most important factor in pellet quality.

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