Other Solid Grades

NPK 600kg

Yara partners with many different fertilizer companies to complement its portfolio, in order to be able to offer its customers and growers a total integrated fertility plan.

Yara strives to joint forces with companies that are respected in their markets, and that can overall deliver the products that meet the Yara standard of quality.

Available Products

0151-aftercut-main image


An NPK where not sulphur is required used in the grazing system after silage where a considerable offtake of Potash occurs.

01cf-extran s-main image


29%N + 15% SO3 - Blended fertilizer offering a good balanced N-S ratio for use with wheat, oilseed rape.

Super Start Fertilizer - Calcium Nitrate and Urea - Designed for Early Spring Grass


34% N + 7.6% Ca - Containing both Calcium Nitrate and Urea. SUPER START is well suited to cold wet spring conditions and is ideal for first application to grassland.

01c3-granular urea-main image


46% N - Granular nitrogen fertilizer suitable for all crops.

01cg-maincrop s-main image


14-13-21 + 5.6% SO3 - Blended size matched NPK plus sulphur fertilizer, ideal for use for potato production due to the ratio in the of N P and K and also including a useful amount of sulphur.

0157-nk silage-main image


24-0-15 - Blended sized matched fertilizer with an ideal NK ratio for silage. Suitable for high P, low K soils.

01au-npk 20-10-10 + s-main image

NPK 20-10-10 + S

20-10-10 + 10% SO3 - Compound 2:1:1 plus sulphur ideal as a general purpose fertilizer ideal for extensive grass and cereal growing.

01cc-npk 11-20-20 + b-main image

NPK 11-20-20 + B

11-20-20 + Boron - Blended NPK fertilizer with 0.4% of Boron Ideal for growing Turnips, Swedes and Brassica's.

01bd-npk 10-18-24 + 9 so3-main image

NPK 10-18-24 + 9% SO3

10-18-24 + 9% SO3 - A low N blended NPK fertilizer ideal for use in potato crop or for use in winter cereal and oilseed crops where some sulphur is required.

01bb-npk 10-18-24 + 17 5 so3-main image

NPK 10-18-24 + 17.5% SO3

10-18-24 + 17% SO3 - A low N sulphate of potash based fertilizer ideal for use in potato crop or for use in winter cereal and oilseed crops where higher sulphur content is required.

01bf-npk 6-20-30 + 4 2 so3-main image

NPK 6-20-30 + 4.2% SO3

A low N blended NPK fertilizer for use in cereal crops where phosphate and potash is required in addition to some nitrogen.

0145-paddock royale-main image


12-11-18 + Mg + S + Micronutrients - A prilled compound fertilizer for horse and pony paddocks.

01ch-seed potato-main image


11-22-22 - Blended size matched NPK fertilizer specifically targeted for seed potato crops but used for cereal crops where phosphate and potash is required in balanced ratio's.

0165-super pk (24-24)-main image

SUPER PK (24-24)

0-24-24 - Granular compound fertilizer for building P and K and where straw is removed or where nitrogen use is limited by nitrate vulnerable zone rulings.

0164-super pk (20-30)-main image

SUPER PK (20-30)

0-20-30 - Granular compound fertilizer ideal for where nitrogen use is limited or for building P and K and where straw is removed.

01cj-spring crop-main image


26-13-0 - Blended size matched NP fertilizer for early season grass growth or quick establishment of arable crops.

01bz-sop-g-main image


A field grade potassium sulphate fertilizer. Ideal for application of chloride free potassium. High sulphur content for sulphur deficient areas, low sulphur deposition areas and high rainfall areas.

0179-unika kali-main image


13-0-45 - Field grade potassium nitrate fertilizer.