YaraBela - Nitrate Fertilizers

YaraBela Ammonium Nitrate based Nitrogen and Sulphur Fertilizers

"Bela" derives from Old Norse "beyla," meaning fertility

YaraBela - Ammonium Nitrate based Nitrogen and Sulphur Fertilizers

The YaraBela nitrogen fertilizer range is a proven solution for crop nutrition and are fertilizers that has been tried, tested and proven over many years across a range of crops.

YaraBela nitrate based fertilizers, are pure nutrients, offering the required precision efficiency and reliability to meet the agronomic and environmental imperatives of modern agriculture. Our products are of superior quality with a balanced supply of nitrate and ammonium. More importantly, the products are easy to handle and can be applied to a wide range of crops. YaraBela fertilizers are commonly used as dry applications on large-scale field crops.

YaraBela CAN fertilizers contain limestone or dolomite, reducing acidification and liming requirements.

The YaraBela nitrogen fertilizers provide consistent, proven crop performance year-in and year-out across a wide range of crops and climatic conditions.

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Nitrogen and Sulphur - Vital Ingredients in YaraBela Fertilizers

YaraBela fertilizers offer efficient formulations and many also include sulphur, ensuring balanced fertilization without the need for an additional sulphur fertilizer. The need for sulphur is often underestimated even though sulphur is essential for plant health and growth.

Sulphur plays an important role in plant metabolism and nitrogen uptake. It participates in the production of proteins , chlorophyll, enzymes, coenzymes and vitamins and also has an impact on sugar quality. In former times sulphur depositions from the air, via acid-rain, guaranteed an automatic and sufficient supply. However, the generally improved air quality has significantly reduced such atmospheric depositions and nowadays, high quality and high crop yield require a careful adjustment to sulphur needs.

The YaraBela product range contains sulphur as calcium sulphate which is highly soluble and reaches plant roots quickly. In addition, calcium sulphate, unlike ammonium sulphate, does not reduce the amount of available nitrate in the formulation.

YaraBela nitrogen and sulphur fertilizers supply a balanced source of nitrogen as a mix of ammonium and nitrate

YaraBela nitrogen fertilizers supply a balanced source of nitrogen as a mix of ammonium and nitrate. Nitrate-N is the preferred N form, as it is fully plant available.

High quality ingredients

1. Precise Ammonium Nitrate
The main active ingredient of YaraBela fertilizers is ammonium nitrate, ensuring fast nitrogen uptake and precise nitrogen supply.

2. Efficient Sulphur
YaraBela N plus S fertilizers are enriched by highly soluble calcium sulphate. The sulphur in YaraBela does not alter the 50/50% balance of nitrate and ammonium.

3. All in one formulation 
The combination of essential nutrients in each single granule provides optimum nutrition synergy.

YaraBela nitrogen fertilizers are based on highly efficient ammonium nitrate

YaraBela fertilizers are based on highly efficient ammonium nitrate. Exclusively produced in Yara’s European factories, they offer unrivaled performance and returns. YaraBela is the natural choice for farmers who care for both yield and the environment.

Agronomic Efficiency and Environmental Benefits

  1. High Nitrogen Efficiency
    Ammonium nitrate fertilizers, such as YaraBela, reduce losses and offer the highest nitrogen use efficiency of all fertilizer types.

  2. Even Spreading
    Homogeneous mechanical quality of YaraBela and high bulk density ensure optimum conditions for even spreading and optimum nutrient supply.

  3. High Yield
    At identical nitrogen application rates, YaraBela offers 2 – 5% higher yield than urea based fertilizers.

  4. High Protein Yield
    YaraBela fertilizers enhance protein content by 0.3 – 0.9% compared to urea based fertilizers. 

  5. Low Lifecycle Carbon Footprint
    The life cycle carbon footprint of YaraBela is 12.5 % lower than for urea.

  6. Low Volatilisation Losses
    Volatilisation losses of ammonium nitrate (YaraBela), are 1 – 3%, compared with up to 27% with urea.

  7. Reduced Leaching
    High nitrogen efficiency, fast uptake and lower dosage offer best control over residual nitrogen and leaching.

  8. Low Environmental Index
    The overall environmental index of YaraBela is 46.6 % lower than for urea.

Certified factories and clean production

Image YaraBela quality firstThe YaraBela product range is produced in our European plants which are amongst the most efficient worldwide. We supply premium quality fertilizers to farmers all around the globe. Close control over the entire production process, highly trained employees, the latest technology and a century of experience ensure that we set and meet the highest standards.

New technologies developed by Yara, such as catalyst cleaning of N2O, has reduced the carbon footprint of Yara’s production sites by 45% since 2004. Yara has shared catalyst technology with other producers, thus contributing to a reduced carbon footprint of fertilizer production globally. Yara’s total energy consumption per ton of finished product also continues to decrease.

Yara is committed to produce and sell highest quality products with plants operating under best practices. All our plants are certified ISO 9001 and 14001. We intend to lead the sector in adopting and communicating common high standards. Our constant pledge for safety is reflected by our rate of incidents, which is half the average of European fertilizer producers.

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YaraBela AXAN

27% N + 9% SO3 - Uniform compound granular nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer for use on all crops.


33.5% N - Granular ammonium nitrate fertilizer suitable for use on all crops.


34.5% N - Prilled ammonium nitrate fertilizer suitable for use on any crop.


24% N + 15% SO3 - Uniform compound nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer for use on all crops, particularly those with a higher sulphur requirement.

YaraBela CAN

27% N - Granular calcium ammonium nitrate based nitrogen fertilizer for use on any crop.


26%N + 35% SO3 a nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer based on ASN (Ammonium Sulphate Nitrate) for oilseed rape and crops that need more sulphur


25% N + 5% SO3, Na and Se - Unique compound fertiliser for use on grass, based on CAN offers farmers the option of applying nitrogen and sulphur coupled with sodium and…


25% N + 5% SO3 + Zn + Na and Se - Unique coated compound fertiliser for use on grass gives the option of applying nitrogen and sulphur coupled with sodium and selenium…