YaraVita BUD BUILDER FL is a flowable liquid suspension fertiliser with nutrients and micronutrients including magnesium, zinc, nitrogen, boron and phosphate for foliar application to improve the flowering of top and soft fruit.

High Concentration of Magnesium with Zinc, Boron and Phosphate
Significant provision of key nutrients
Stable suspension concentrate formulation

Excellent Plant Absorption
Quickly taken up by the crop
Improves flowering and fruit set as a pre-flowering application
Ideal for application to fruit crops as a post harvest application to boost levels of Zn, Mg and B in the following season

Widest Tank Mixability
Suitable for almost any tank mix
Gives greater flexibility in field recommendations

Safe for Crops and Operators
Very kind to the crop
Easy to handle

14.4% w/v = 144 g/l Mg (24% w/v = 240 g/l MgO)
10.0% w/v = 100 g/l Zn
6.9% w/v = 69 g/l N
3.0% w/v = 30 g/l B
2.2% w/v = 21.8 g/l P (5.0% w/v = 50 g/l P2O5)

Pack Size
10 litres

Available in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Product application advice


Blackcurrant: 5 l/ha applied from green bud to just prior to start of flowering. Also, 5 l/ha post-harvest, pre-leaf senescence. Water rate: 200 to 500 l/ha.


Cereals: 5 l/ha from the two leaf stage to first node detectable (Zadok's G.S. 12 to 31). Repeat 10 to 14 days later in the case of moderate to severe deficiency. Water rate: 200 l/ha.


Chestnuts: 10 l/ha applied post-harvest before leaf fall. Water rate: 500 to 1000 l/ha.


Hops: 5 to 10 l/ha when the crop is 2 metres tall. Water rate: 500 l/ha.

Nuts (Deciduous)

Nuts (Deciduous)): 10 l/ha applied post-harvest before leaf fall. Also, 5 to 10 l/ha applied from bud burst to start of flowering. Water rate: 500 to 1000 l/ha.