Micronutrients - an important component of spring nutrition

By: Natalie Wood

With spring nitrogen and sulphur going onto cereals and oilseed rape on most farms at present dont forget about micronutrients at this time too.

Micronutrients - an important component of spring nutrition
Micronutrients - an important component of spring nutrition
Micronutrient deficiency often limits crop yield

Once crops start to go into the stem extension phase of growth they require a lot of nutrients to keep up with their rapid rate of change. This of course means the requirement for major nutrients increases but also the micronutrients as well. The term micro doesn’t mean that these are less important but means that the plant requires them in smaller quantities; a deficiency can still cause major problems within the plant.

Tissue testing is the only way to see what is in the plant at that moment in time and therefore will show you which micronutrients you will need to apply to keep the crop at optimal levels. If you don’t want to carry out a tissue test then you could apply a multi-nutrient product such as YaraVita Gramitrel on cereals and YaraVita Brassitrel Pro on oilseed. These products have the specific nutrients required for those crops and can be used to ‘cover all bases’ if tissue analysis isn’t for you.

Trials carried out last year by Yara showed that applying these micronutrient mixtures gave an average 0.41t/ha yield benefit for the wheat crop which is a 2.5:1 return on investment. The oilseed gave an average 0.31t/ha yield benefit across all sites and this would be an ROI of 6:1.

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