Grass silage nutrition - your questions answered

With grass silage being such an important part of your winter feeding programme it's vital to give it the best nutrition whilst growing over the next couple of months. Join our webinar to help answer your questions. Our grassland agronomy experts Mark and Philip give advice on what to do over the next few weeks to help maximise silage yield and quality.

Topics covered include

  • The role nitrogen and sulphur play in 1st cut yield and quality
  • How are the NPKS requirements of a 1st cut silage crop calculated?
  • Examples of a 1st cut silage fertiliser requirement, with and without slurry
  • Best practice when applying fertiliser this spring for silage
  • Q&A session so our experts can answer any specific questions.

Available on-demand as a recording

The live webinar took place on 24th March 2020 but you can still watch this advice as an on-demand recording.

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