Promote healthy growth in animals by controlling harmful bacteria and improving digestion

Gut health in both pig and poultry production is a key priority for farmers. Yara Bolifor® feed acidifiers offer a cost effective feed solution, whose formulation optimizes each feed component including the carrier to deliver full advantage throughout the digestive process.

Why choose Yara Bolifor feed acidifiers:

You can be sure of a fully traceable, pure and consistent product of high quality with Yara Bolifor feed acidifiers.

  • Provide a slow release of acids so benefits are felt the whole length of the digestive system
  • Provide excellent animal health and daily gain
  • Can be used instead of antibiotics
  • Are tasty and digestible
  • Improve nutrient utilization
  • Are solid, safe and easy to handle
  • Are environmentally friendly

Our Bolifor feed acidifiers product range:

  • Bolifor® FA 2300S
  • Bolifor® FA 2800S
  • Bolifor® PROBICID™ FA 3000S

Download the Product Sheets to learn more.

Mark Dziuba
Mark Dziuba
Animal Nutrition Sales Manager

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