SCR, SNCR or hybrid SNCR/SCR systems

Choose a trusted partner for your NOx reduction system

With over 200 SNCR installations around the world, and with 20 years of expertise in NOx reduction, the NOxCare brand brings you re-assurance and expertise. Our aim is to offer the best system for your site to maximize your NOx reduction while keeping your costs down.

SNCR, SCR, hybrid SNCR/SCR systems: Which technology should you choose?

Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) are the most common secondary technologies for the control of emissions of nitrogen oxides.

Reducing your nitrogen oxides emissions

As a global leader in ammonia and SNCR technologies, NOxCare offers its customers, one of the most complete and cost effective solutions for the control of NOx emissions from industrial and power plants. Building a new system, upgrading it or optimising it, we have solutions to help you reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides.

SNCR technology for NOx control

SNCR technology for NOx control

Our SNCR technology can reduce NOx emissions by up to 80% in certain conditions. We provide high performance and cost efficient SNCR systems for NOx control. Over 200 sites in the world have already chosen NOxCare SNCR.

SCR technology for NOx control

SCR technology for NOx control

Our SCR technology can reduce NOx emissions by 95%. An SCR system is the ultimate in NOx control technology where high levels of NOx reduction is critical.

Hybrid SNCR SCR systems for NOx control

Hybrid SNCR/SCR systems for NOx control

Hybrid technology is a wise choice when significant NOx reduction is required, but space for a system at your industrial site is limited. Hybrid systems are the most flexible choice for NOx reduction.

Both the SCR and SNCR systems require a reagent to reduce nitrogen oxides.

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