Services and equipment for NOx control systems

NOx control systemsOur DeNOx installations are built to withstand tough conditions and to provide reliable emission control for many years. However, the environment they operate in is harsh and unrelenting. For over 20 years, we have helped many sites across the world in the installation, daily operations, maintenance and monitoring of their NOx emissions control system.

For each site, whether a power plant, a cement plant or a waste incinerator, we can bring all of our expertise and know-how to your service in optimising your NOx control system and reducing your operating costs by:

  • Maintenance, supply of spare parts, assessment of your SNCR and SCR system to improve its performance, safety audits
  • Advising and installing the correct storage system for your urea reagent needs installing remote management of your inventory by telemetry.
Operational low NOx optimization program

Operational low NOx optimisation program

We perform an assessment of your site's current low NOx situation and advise on steps which can be made to improve it. Improvements can lead to reduction in operating costs, or minimise downtime.

Safe low NOx operations

Safe low NOx operations

Training your operators is very important because improper handling can have serious consequences. We can provide safety training sessions for your team who handle NOx reduction processes.