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Yara's 1-2-3 step approach

Yara's 1-2-3 Step Approach

Yara deliver more than just fertilizer.

Yara supply complete crop nutrition and following the Yara 1-2-3 step approach will ensure the optimum return on investment in fertilizer.

Grass Prix Competition

Yara's Grass Prix Competition

The Yara Grass Prix is a challenge between leading beef and dairy farmers from the UK and Ireland competing to achieve the highest energy and protein yield from grass.

Oilseed Rape Starter Fertilizer

Oilseed Rape Starter Fertilizer

The principle behind oilseed rape starter fertilizer is to apply fertilizer at drilling in a band close to the seed to improve establishment.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Carbon Footprint

When using Yara fertilizers according to the crop programmes and advice given by Yara, farmers can be sure they produce maximum yields with the minimum impact on climate and environment and they are able to prove this.