Oilseed Rape Starter Fertilizer

The principle behind oilseed rape starter fertilizer is apply fertilizer at drilling in a band close to the seed.

OSR Starter Fertilizer Flyer

This concept allows lower rates to be applied as the application is concentrated near to where the seed is placed and not applied to bare soil in between the rows. 

This is of greater importance for phosphate, which does not move in soil to the same extent as nitrogen, therefore its proximity to emerging seedling roots is important to optimise efficiency.

Banding fertilizer at the time of drilling oilseed rape can help to:

  • Provide key nutrients (N & P) close to the seed
  • Improve the establishment of oilseed rape
  • Increase the efficiency of nutrient uptake
  • Meet NVZ autumn N restrictions without compromising crop production

View or download the OSR Starter Fertilizer leaflet as a PDF (1,350 KB)