Yara N-Sensor Brochure

The Yara N-Sensor offers farmers a solution to real-time variable rate nitrogen applications by adjusting rates according to crop growth whilst travelling across a field.

N Sensor Brochure The concept of precision farming is not a new one. For years farmers have been adjusting crop management in response to differing soil types, manure or slurry application and changes in crop rotation. Old field boundaries in many cases were designed to separate different soil types and input use has been tailored to specific crops in specific conditions. The prime aim has been to maximize the crops yield potential.

The Yara N-Sensor is designed to deliver precise levels of input according to the crop’s requirements helping to both reduce environmental effects whilst maximising potential profit. 

A dedicated group of scientists at Yara’s R&D base at Hanninghof carry out trial work annually to improve the calibrations that exist currently and increase the range of options for use. As such the N-Sensor truly is Backed by Science. 

The result – improved gross margins and greater nitrogen efficiency. 

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