Increasing Oilseed Rape Yields with Chafer Nufol

Fulfil the potential of your Oilseed crops with a late application of Chafer Nufol to maximise your yield.

Yara has been carrying out research work in nitrogen applications to oilseed rape for over a decade, exploring the optimum rate, form and timing.

Increasing Oilseed Rape Yields

What are the results?

We have found that nitrogen should be applied at three key stages:
- Autumn for optimal establishment and vigorous early growth.
- Spring for optimum canopy structure and growth before flowering.
- During flowering to optimise green area duration to maximise yields by using Chafer Nufol.

Why do I need a late nitrogen application?

By applying nitrogen during flowering, we are keeping the green leaf canopy healthy for as long as possible to aid the seed fill process. This will help towards fulfilling the yield potential of your oilseed rape crops. 

What results can you expect with Chafer Nufol?

Trial results show that you can expect to see an increase of 0.33 t/ha, which gives you around a 3:1 return on investment, even at current low commodity prices.

Over a cropped area of 100 hectares you would therefore see an additional 33 tonnes of oilseed rape. At the current price of £354/t (March 2017), this is worth £11,682 to you.

Yara Application Guidance


Trials have revealed no benefit over specific timing of application during the flowering stage. We would suggest you coincide Chafer Nufol application with your fungicide treatment. Make sure you don’t apply nitrogen in hot conditions – trials have shown a negative yield response under these circumstances.


Results of trials have identified the optimum rate of nitrogen to apply at this time to be around 50kgN/ha. Remember, it is important to ensure that your total nitrogen applied does not exceed the N Max limit.


Conventional pesticide spray nozzles (not stream or dribble nozzles) to achieve a medium spray at fairly low pressure (2 bar or less).

For more information view or download Increasing Oilseed Rape Yields leaflet as a PDF (126KB)

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A homogenous liquid nitrogen fertilizer typically used on both wheat and oilseed rape as a late foliar spray.