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YaraBela NUTRI BOOSTER (25% N + 5% SO3, Na and Se) is a unique fertilizer for use on grass. This fertilizer which is based on CAN as the nitrogen source offers the farmer the option of applying nitrogen and sulphur coupled with sodium and selenium in the form of sodium selenate.

YaraBela NUTRI BOOSTER is part of the Booster range of grassland fertilizers which are enriched with selenium for healthier livestock, improved performance and fertility.

Selenium is vital to the fertility in most mammals and prevents issues such as placental retention, increased white cell counts and white muscle disease.

Sodium is also important for animal health. Adding sodium in the fertilizer has been shown to: improve the digestibility of grass and enhance grass palatability resulting in longer grazing times and improved intakes so resulting in improved milk yields and milk quality.

YaraBela NUTRI BOOSTER contains nitrogen as nitrate and ammonium. Nitrates are the most efficient form of nitrogen and are key to achieving optimum yields. Also contains sulphur as calcium sulphate which is highly soluble and reaches plant roots quickly.

YaraBela NUTRI BOOSTERis a homogeneous, uniform sized, high bulk density granular fertilizer for even spreading over wide bout widths. Being a compound fertilizer both nitrogen and sulphur are contained in every granule which eliminates segregation and gives even application of all nutrients.

Available England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Product Application Advice

Application Advice

Fertilizer Spreading Advice: When spreading fertilizers containing sulphur it is recommended to regularly clean the spreader vanes using a rag with a 'WD40' type lubricant to avoid a build-up of deposits.


Grass: Exact recommendation depends on soil analysis and nutrient management plan. Refer to your local Yara area manager for detailed recommendation.