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YaraMila SULPHUR CUT (22-4-14 + 7.5% SO3) is a quality branded NPK compound fertilizer with sulphur. This grade is ideal for replacing the large amount of potash removed after silage whilst kick starting the regeneration of the grass plants with nitrogen and a small dash of sulphur and phosphate.

Also ideal for top dressing cereals where additional potash is required and where a touch of phosphate aids the increase in root formation at tillering.

Available in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Product Application Advice

Application Advice

Fertilizer Spreading Advice: When spreading fertilizers containing sulphur it is recommended to regularly clean the spreader vanes using a rag with a 'WD40' type lubricant to avoid a build-up of deposits.


Grass: Exact recommendation depends on soil analysis and nutrient management plan. Refer to your local Yara area manager for detailed recommendation.