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A seed treatment to supply manganese and phosphate right from germination

YaraVita Glytrel Seed Treatment - Manganese and Phosphate

The Effects of Delayed Drilling

Many growers are delaying drilling for various reasons, chief among them to tackle a blackgrass infestation. This is a valid response, but one that risks yield losses. To mitigate this risk, it’s essential to focus on crop nutrition; ensuring your establishing crop gets the right nutrients at precisely the right time. 

Availability of nutrients in October soils, which tend to be around 2°C cooler than September, is much reduced. It is therefore essential that nutrients are in the right place at the right time through targeted fertilizer application. 

Introducing YaraVita Glytrel MnP

An efficient phosphate management strategy should be started from the day the crop is drilled. Glytrel MnP is a liquid micronutrient fertilizer containing phosphate and manganese for foliar application or used as a seed treatment. 

Seed application provides immediate phosphorus availability to the growing crop, which is important because:

  • Phosphorus is the most important nutrient for root establishment
  • Cool soil temperatures will adversely affect phosphorus availability more than any other nutrient
  • Phosphorus is relatively immobile in soil meaning that uptake is by root interception

A seed treatment of Glytrel MnP will help crops develop a stronger root system from the beginning. Crops will then be in a better position to absorb all available nutrients throughout the spring, making up for lost time due to late drilling. In fact, tests have shown an 18% increase in root weight/ surface area, and a 24% increase in root tip numbers. 

YaraVita Glytrel Increase in plant and root fresh weights
YaraVita Glytrel - Increase in root tip number

A Healthy Dose of Manganese 

YaraVita Glytrel MnP also provides growing crops with manganese. A deficiency in manganese will make crops more susceptible to disease, threatening yields and lowering grain quality. Correcting this trace element deficiency is therefore essential.

Autumn-sown crops must have a source of adequate manganese, especially in areas of known deficiency, before enduring the prolonged cold, wet periods of winter and early spring. Without treatment crops are deprived of manganese at a time when they need it most. Root and stem development are inhibited and, being in a weakened state, they become vulnerable to fungal attack.

There’s even more need for manganese supplementation where farm-saved seed has been grown in manganese deficient soils. The natural seed reservoir of this vital nutrient must be supplemented at planting if the crop is to meet yield and quality expectations. Unfortunately, adverse weather conditions frequently delay, or even prevent early foliar application. Seed treatment provides manganese right from germination and is especially important for autumn-sown crops.

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A liquid micronutrient fertilizer containing a manganese and phosphate for foliar application to a wide range of crops and for use as a seed treatment on cereals.