Boron Deficiency - Oilseed Rape

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Symptom description

Shortened internodes of the shoot lead to a stunted appearance. Splits and hollow lesions occur in stems and truncs.

Made worse by

Sandy soils. Alkaline soils. Soils low in organic matter. High levels of nitrogen. High levels of calcium. Cold wet weather. Periods of drought.

Important for

Better crop establishment and reduced plant losses over winter. Increases nutrient levels in the crop for better spring regrowth. Improved flowering and more even maturity. Boosts grain yield and oil content of seed.

Cause description

Boron deficiency

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Yara recommends

YaraVita BORTRAC 150

Oilseed Rape: For a single application. 3 l/ha at onset of stem extension. For moderate deficiency, 3 l/ha at 4 to 6 leaf stage and 3 l/ha at onset of stem extension. An extra application can be made between 10 and 14 days later or up to the start of flowering. Water rate: 50 to 200 l/ha.

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Oilseed Rape: 3 to 4 l/ha at the 4 to 9 leaf stage and again at the onset of the rapid stem extension phase up to the start of flowering. Repeat at 10 to 14 day intervals within these growth stages as necessary. Also, 3 l/ha at the end of petal fall. Water rate: 50 to 200 l/ha.