World Oat Production

Oats is ranked sixth after maize, rice (paddy), wheat, barley and sorghum in the world's cereal production statistics.

World cereal production

The annual global production of oats is about 22.5 million tons harvested off 9.7 million hectares. World oat production has decreased over the last few decades, and is now at 45% of the 1961 production figure.

World oat production

The area harvested has shown an even greater downward trend overtime with the area 25% of its 1961 value.

World oat area

The effect of this reduced area has not had the same dramatic effect on production due to the improvement in yields across the world that has happened over this same time. The average world yield (t/ha) has increased by 79% since 1961.

World average oat yields

The single largest harvested area is grown in Russia, which is 30% of the global production area. Canada and Australia are second and third biggest respectively. Within European agriculture, Poland, Spain, Finland and the Ukraine are the largest producers.

World Oat Yields

With the average yield globally being 2.3 t/ha, this masks the variation between countries which varies from 0.7 to over 7.0 t/ha.

World Oat production
Average Oat Yields by Country