Fourteen Day Weather Forecast

The latest fourteen day weather forecast for the United Kingdom

Thursday 16th November 2017

SIGNIFICANT WEATHER: Strong Winds (far N and NW). Fog Patches (SE).

SUMMARY: Unsettled and windy to the W and N, drier and more settled to the S and SE.

SYNOPTIC SITUATION: A deepening area of low pressure will continue to move NE to the N of Scotland, whilst its cold front is expected to push SE across the U.K. during the day, introducing a cooler NW’ly flow.

WINDS: SW light across the S and SE, veering W or NW later. W to NW moderate or fresh further N and W, strong to near-gale force in exposed N and NW areas.

WEATHER: It will be a dry start across the S and SE with some low cloud, mist or fog patches. Patchy rain will then spread SE across England and Wales. Further N and W, there will be a mixture of bright or sunny spells and isolated to scattered showers, these turning wintry over high ground in Scotland.

TEMPERATURE: Just above average to the S, around average in N and W regions.


Friday 17th November 2017

SIGNIFICANT WEATHER: Gales (far N and NE). Heavy Precipitation (locally in NW). Wintry Precipitation (N Hills).

SUMMARY: Blustery showers to the N and NW, wintry over hills, drier and brighter further S and E.

SYNOPTIC SITUATION: Low pressure remains dominant just to the N of the U.K. as high pressure build across the W and SW, sustaining a cool and partly unsettled NW’ly flow.

WINDS: W or NW, light or moderate to the S, fresh to strong locally gale force in the far N and NE.

WEATHER: Blustery showers will affect many NW and N areas, sometimes merging into longer spells of rain on windward slopes in W Scotland. The showers will be wintry over higher ground in the N. Drier and brighter weather is likely to the S and E with good sunny spells.

TEMPERATURE: Near average, just below average in the N with a risk of overnight frost.

CONFIDENCE OF FORECAST: Medium to high – 80%

Saturday 18th November 2017

SIGNIFICANT WEATHER: Strong Winds (N and NE). Wintry Precipitation (N Hills).

SUMMARY: Remaining showery in the far N and E, but drier elsewhere with sunshine further S and W.

SYNOPTIC SITUATION: High pressure remains dominant across the SW and S of the U.K. as low pressure moves through to the NE, sustaining a NW’ly airflow over much of the country.

WINDS: NW light or moderate, fresh or strong to the N and NE.

WEATHER: It will remain rather unsettled across parts of Scotland and NE England with scattered showers and bright or sunny spells in between, with some of the showers wintry over higher ground. Meanwhile, most central and S regions should see plenty of dry and bright weather, though cloud and patchy rain may push into parts of Ireland.

TEMPERATURE: Around or just below average, risk of frost and local ice overnight.

CONFIDENCE OF FORECAST: Medium to high – 70%

Sunday 19th November 2017

SIGNIFICANT WEATHER: Wintry Precipitation (N Hills). Fog Patches (W).

SUMMARY: Dry and bright in the E, though with rain spreading in from the W.

SYNOPTIC SITUATION: Low pressure persists to the NE, as high pressure declines towards the S and SE of the U.K. ahead of a further depression moving into the NW.

WINDS: W or NW moderate to the E and NE, strengthening and backing SW to S in the W.

WEATHER: Increasingly unsettled as outbreaks of rain spread in from the W, turning wintry for a time on N hills. Dry across many central and E areas at first with some bright spells in the E, though with thickening cloud and perhaps some early mist and fog further W, ahead of the approaching rain.

TEMPERATURE: Near or slightly above average, with some overnight frost in the N.


Monday 20th November 2017


SUMMARY: Unsettled across the E and SE, becoming drier and brighter from the NW.

SYNOPTIC SITUATION: Low pressure continues to track across the country, producing a cyclonic airflow over many areas before clearing to the E, as a small ridge of high pressure develops towards the SW.

WINDS: NE light or moderate in the N, W or NW fresh in the SE, S or SW in the W.

WEATHER: Cloudy in the E and SE with outbreaks of rain and showers slowly clearing through the day. Becoming drier from the NW, with some bright or sunny spells and just the odd shower remaining.

TEMPERATURE: Near or just above average, with some overnight frost in the N.


Tue 21st to Wed 22nd November 2017


SUMMARY: Unsettled across many areas, though more brighter and more showery to the SE.

SYNOPTIC SITUATION: Low pressure develops and moves in to the W of the U.K., as high pressure declines towards the S, producing a mild and unsettled south-westerly airflow.

WINDS: S or SW moderate or fresh, strong at times in the N and along exposed coasts.

WEATHER: Cloudy or overcast across many areas with frequent rain and showers moving through, heaviest along windward slopes in the W. More showery to the SE, with a few brighter intervals developing between lighter showers.

TEMPERATURE: Slightly above average.

CONFIDENCE OF FORECAST: Low to medium – 45%

Tue 23rd to Fri 24th November 2017

SIGNIFICANT WEATHER: Wintry Precipitation (N Hills).

SUMMARY: Frequent showers, some wintry in the N, though with some brighter periods developing later.

SYNOPTIC SITUATION: The centre of low pressure moves eastwards towards the NE of the country, with a cooler N or NW’ly airflow developing behind as high pressure builds in the far W and SW.

WINDS: N or NW moderate or fresh.

WEATHER: Often cloudy with scattered showers or longer spells of rain moving through from the N, these most persistent across the N and NW, where spells may turn wintry over higher elevations at times. Becoming drier through the period however, some good sunny spells developing in the S.

TEMPERATURE: Around average, cooler in the N, with patchy overnight frost.

CONFIDENCE OF FORECAST: Low to medium – 40%

Sat 25th to Wed 29th November 2017

SIGNIFICANT WEATHER: Wintry Precipitation (N Hills).

SUMMARY: Still unsettled over most areas but with bright spells at times further S.

SYNOPTIC SITUATION: Further low pressure systems track eastwards across the N of the U.K., bringing an unsettle W’ly airflow, as high pressure declines but remains persistent to the SW.

WINDS: W or SW moderate or fresh.

WEATHER: Mostly cloudy or overcast in most areas with widespread showers or spells of rain, turning wintry over N hills. Drier and brighter spells however develop at times between the showers, especially in the S and SE.

TEMPERATURE: Near or slightly above average, with the risk of frost overnight.


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