Yara Nutrient Management Planner

Yara Nutrient Management Planner is a flexible recommendation tool for all crops based on the Fertiliser Manual and allows the easy completion of a full farm based Nutrient Management Plan

N Plan - Trial Site

A Nutrient Management Plan should be completed by all farms and will assist in meeting the requirements for cross-compliance. Where a farmer has conducted a detailed nutrient management plan, they can earn the right to be less frequently inspected as part of an earned-recognition approach. 

Yara have therefore developed this Nutrient Management Planner which has the ability to dramatically reduce the burden involved in producing a plan. 

A Nutrient management plan requires the following: 

  • Maintain an up to date soil analysis with soils analysed every 3-5 years, depending on cropping system, for pH, P, K and Mg. 
  • Assess the nutrient requirement of the crop from a recognised recommendation system. 
  • Assess the nutrient supply from organic manures. 
  • Calculate the need for fertilizer nutrients by deducting the contribution from organic manures from the crop nutrient requirement. 
  • Carry over any P and K balance to the next crop. 
  • Spread organic manures and fertilizers as accurately and uniformly as possible. 
  • Equipment should be in good working order and recently calibrated. 
  • Keep clear field records of cropping, organic manure and fertilizer applications. 
  • Update the plan at the start of each cropping year. 
  • Should be prepared in conjunction with an FQA (FACTS Qualified Adviser).

Nutrient Management Planner is accessed via the internet, with data stored via an online database to allow information to be used in following years and accessed at all times. At present access to the Nutrient Management Planner is restricted to registered users of Yara-i

To gain access to the system, you will need to contact your local Yara contact to request access to Yara-i  after which you will be sent a link to activate your account where you will be asked to enter a password. 

Click here to access the Nutrient Management Planner.