Yara N-Plan

Yara N-Plan is a nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer recommendation tool for cereals and oilseed rape based on the Fertiliser Manual, incorporating 4 years of previous cropping, latest sulphur deposition figures and up to date Met Office overwinter rainfall figures to provide field specific nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer recommendations. 

Yara N-Plan also helps to provide timing specific product rates to help tailor nitrogen fertilizer rates to crop conditions.

N Plan - Fertilizer Spreading

How easy is N-Plan to use? 


Just input the farm details and field specific data and the program does the calculation to assess the effective soil supply of nitrogen and sulphur available to the crop.

Why use N-Plan?

Nitrogen is one of the most important crop nutrient inputs, therefore it is essential to use it as efficiently as possible. One of the most difficult aspects of crop production is knowing what the optimum rate of Nitrogen is for any given field. N Plan uses extensive trials data, which is continually updated, together with latest rainfall data and soil texture to calculate a field specific Nitrogen fertilizer recommendation based on crop requirement. N-Plan also calculates a recommendation for crop sulphur fertilizer requirements based on latest sulphur deposition and rainfall data together with field specific information.

N-Plan simplifies the complex calculation needed to generate site specific optimum nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer recommendations. 

N-Plan helps to meet NVZ and environmental regulations as well as crop assurance schemes by producing a record of your Nitrogen fertilizer applications. 

N-Plan calculates the amount of available Nitrogen and Sulphur applied as organic manures and accounts for this in the crop recommendations

N-Plan Screenshot

How does N-Plan work? 

N Plan performs a calculation using farm data to produce an optimum rate and application timings recommendation for each field. Agronomic, environmental and economic effects are included. 

It models the important site specific factors including:-

  • Soil type and soil texture
  • Four years previous cropping type 
  • Rate of animal manures applied 
  • Crop variety and rooting depth 
  • Actual site winter rainfall (from Met Office – overwrite if own data available) 
  • Planting date and spring plant population

Yara N-Plan has recently had a major overhaul to improve the programming and bring it up-to-date with current trial work in line with the changes to the Fertiliser Manual and also to update the figures for the availability of Nitrogen and Sulphur from organic manures.

Yara N-Plan is accessed via the internet, with data stored via an online database to allow information to be used in following years and accessed at all times.