Yara DiscoverIT

DiscoverIT gives you detailed information about Yara fertilizer products, their nutrient content and application advice for various crops.

A faster way to find the perfect fertilizer

discoverit image Quicker and more precise decision making is an advantage for any busy farmer or agronomist and DiscoverIT, makes product selection fast, simple and accurate. 

DiscoverIT gives detailed information about Yara fertilizers and crop nutrition products including a full breakdown of nutrient composition, application advice and recommendations for a wide variety of crops.

There are also Yara crop nutrition programmes for a range of crops together with advice of recommended rates and application timings, simply choose your crop and find advice for optimum timings of fertilizer application.

DiscoverIT can also be used to find a local commercial contact for further advice on where Yara products can be obtained, based on your location.

DiscoverIT app includes: 

  • All available Yara crop nutrition products 
  • Full details of nutrient composition Crop nutrition programmes for a wide range of crops
  • Advice on recommended application rates and timings 
  • ’Find a local Yara contact’ for products and advice 
  • Links to other Yara apps
  • News feed 
  • Free QR and barcode reader

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