Speciality Chemicals

With over 100 years of expertise in nitrogen chemistry and nitrate production, Yara has developed a wide range of speciality nitrates products tailored to the needs of its clients in concrete production, oil exploration and drilling, solar energy and electronic/medical gases.

Our research centres are constantly innovating and discovering new applications of nitrogen chemicals and nitrates. Our research aims to identify and develop solutions to help you optimise your business and industrial competitiveness. Yara’s nitrates specialities sold in the UK & Ireland are:

Concrete Admixture set accelerator for Concrete manufacturing image

Multifunctional additive for concrete

Our multifunctional additive is an accelerator for concrete admixtures. It allows concreting even in severe cold conditions. It is anticorrosive and optimizes use of water and cement when combined with plasticizers and increases performance even more when used with superplasticisers. It is marketed under the brand NitCal.

Drilling fluid additive for Oil exploration and production image

Drilling fluid for oil exploration

Yara solutions for the oil sector include drilling fluids (OBM & SBM transparent brine, fracturing fluid), as well as solutions against acidification in wells and tanks (and prevention of H2S). These solutions are marketed under the brand PetroCare.

Concentrated latex dipping coagulant for glove manufacturing: image

Latex dipping coagulent

In the coagulant dipping process, Yara's specialty chemicals DipCal is used to ensure production of the perfect latex glove. It has been chosen by most leading manufacturers of rubber-dipped goods.

Medical image thumb

Ammonium Nitrates Medical Grade

As a leading manufacturer of nitrates in the world, Yara’s product range includes several grades of ammonium nitrate. Because most ammonium nitrate does not meet the quality required for surgical applications, for pharmaceutical use (propellant) or for dental use (dental surgery), Yara has developed a product specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals.

Electronics grade image thumb

Ammonium Nitrates Electronics Grade

Standard grade ammonium nitrate is used in numerous industrial applications. However, one of the applications requiring the purest forms of ammonium nitrate is the manufacture of electronics