Odour nuisance and H2S prevention

Nutriox®: an effective preventive treatment against H2S

Hydrogen sulphide, or H2S, is a toxic gas that is often found in sewerage systems, sewage treatment works and industrial waste water treatment facilities. It develops in sewers because of biological activity in the waste water. 

There are many systems to combat odour pollution linked to hydrogen sulphide. Some only mask the problem; others, such as Nutriox are preventive. Nutriox is a natural process developed by Yara since the late 1980s. It is used by municipals at hundreds of locations with hydrogen sulphide problems. 

Nutriox is a system for preventing hydrogen sulphide and the odours it produces. Nutriox acts at the source of the problem and automatically injects precise amounts of specific nutrients, where and when needed, into sewerage systems or sewage treatment works. Using complex modeling and dosing equipment it ensures the optimum injection rate to eliminate odour complaints from the community, and also prevent the risk of employee or public exposure to this highly toxic gas. 

Since 2010, H2S has been considered a toxic gas by the European Union. The gas is deadly if concentrations become too large (> 1000 ppm) and its presence is usually detected by its characteristic “rotten eggs” smell. However, above a certain concentration, hydrogen sulphide anaesthetises the olfactory nerve, so that the smell cannot be detected. Hence the importance of preventive measures, such as Nutriox sold by Yara.

What do you smell?

Egg Smell thumbnail

Rotten egg smell

If you are exposed to an odour nuisance that seems like a rotten egg smell, it is quite possible that this is due to hydrogen sulphide.

Nutriox from Yara treats H2S, corrosion and health hazards

Industrial thumb

Prevention of H2S on an industrial site

Many industrial sites around the world have chosen to prevent the formation of H2S with Nutriox. This preventive, sustainable process protects employees of these plants against the danger of this toxic gas.

Dosing unit for H2s

Prevention of H2S and odour in your sewer network

Nutriox prevents H2S and odour in your sewer network. This treatment, along with a complete service pack and dynamic Nutriox dosing model, eliminates odour and reduces the risk of employee exposure to toxic H2S gas. Nutriox is safe to handle and provides the added benefit of preventing the corrosive effects of hydrogen sulphide.